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A powerhouse trio that is able to take their dynamic and soulful brand of
rock and roll to magnetic and heart-wrenching peaks on the live stage.

Neighbors to the North

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About Us

Neighbors to the North is a power trio of veteran San Diego musicians. Harnessing their wide-ranging
and eclectic influences into a focused rock-n-roll whirlwind, their music incorporates elements of alternative, indie
and blues. Bringing a fierce energy to the stage, Neighbors to the North is best experienced live.

Their full-length sophomore album "All Southern View" is available everywhere starting August 2015.

Sutton Live EPK

SUTTON PAPANIKOLAS - Vocals and Guitar

Paul Live EPK

PAUL MOFFAT - Bass and Vocals

Danny Live EPK

DANNY KATZ - Drums and Vocals

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"Neighbors to the North offer all the elements of traditional rock 'n' roll. Their tunes are primed as raucous party anthems
guided by vintage rock vocals and punctuated by ripping guitar solos with toe-tapping beats."
Jen Van Tieghem, Sounds in San Diego, January 2013

Neighbors to the North - Starfisher EP Review
"I always gauge rock acts, especially those with guitars so prominently out front, by their live shows. I haven't seen this band yet, but
the first three songs on this six-song EP are straight up, Camaro-driving R-O-C-K tunes, joyously not watered down or encumbered by any
"indie" or "alternative" trappings."
Scott McDonald, CityBeat San Diego, March 2013

Neighbors to the North Starfisher (self released)
An excellent six track EP from this trio, indie rock with touches of blues, such as
Starfisher and elements of seventies glam rock, Never Leave Me Alone. The clear single here
is Give it To Me a hard-edged tune that fans of the Black Crowes in particular will
enjoy, but it's bluesy riffs will appeal to fans of most any rockers. One of the things
I like about this disc is that, while it falls into the afore-mentioned genre boundaries,
within those ample specs, they offer up quite a bit of variety. The afore-mentioned
Give It To Me gives way to a much more powerpop-oriented (nice synth line and guitar
harmonics) but still rock tune, Stop Drop, not unlike later-era BOC, full of soaring
vocals and an irresistible hook - this is a real grower of a song that builds to a
vocal crescendo - really nice. The disc closes on an up note with Metronome an epic
mid tempo rocker that's topped by a fuzzed out repeating bass and a rising, circling,
progression that's instantly compelling. If you are a fan of modern hard rock, this
fire on all cylinders.
Bart Mendoza, San Diego Troubador, March 2014



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